People feel vague anxieties over invisible things. Radiation from nuclear plants, deterioration of traffic infrastructures, progession of diseases, and so on. We live together with uneasiness due to invisibility. ANSeeN will deliver reliefs to the people by visualizing such anxieties with the state-of-the-art optical measurement technology.


Website Renewal

We have renewed our web site. We are going to add articles on product information, technical illustrations and so on.

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New technical advisors

ANSeeN announced to have Michael Harsh (former CTO of GE Healthcare) and Yukiya Hattori (former vice-chief engineer of R&D center, Hitachi Power Solutions) on board as technical advisers to accerelate the development.

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About Us

In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the form of light energy with unknown characteristics and named it an "X-ray". X-ray enables us to see inside structures or deformities in an object without destructing it, and is widely used in various field like, medical, airport security, and manufacturing industries. ANSeeN, originated in Shizuoka university as a startup company, pursuing the vision of "Making Invisible Visible". We are challenging ourselves to resolve people's anxieties by visualizing invisibles through exploiting the characteristics of X-ray.

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Ultra high resolution X-ray flat panel detector

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Ultra high speed X-ray line sensor


ANSeeN is a full-stack company having technologies ranging from compound semiconductor fabrication to measurement process and implementation. It enables us to realize outstanding sensing performance by global optimization.


High-speed measurement technology exploiting characteristics of photons

Conventional X-ray sensors handles X-ray as bunches of photons. We have developed a high-performance LSI for X-ray sensors which handles information from each individual photon. It can achive more than 10 times the higher contrast than conventional sensors. And it enables automatic inspections of electronic components and earlier diagnoses of diseases.


Tiling techniques enabling large-size sensor fabrication

Because large compound semiconductor crystals are quite expensive, X-ray image sensors utilizing such crystals have been adopted to very limited field of applications, for example, astronomy satellites. We have established laser techniques to realize large area sensors by paving small but low cost and uniform crystals without any gaps, which broaden the field of application.

Use Case


Non-destructive testing

Electronic components are getting more complex, higher density and 3-dimensional day by day. But is was impossible to perform total inspections with Because conventional inspection techniques utilizing visible light cannot provide high-resolution depth information rapidly, manufacturers have been unavoidably performing risky sampling inspections. Our next-generation X-ray sensors enable manufacurers automated 100% inspection by visualizing bonding wires inside electronic components.


After the September 11 attacks, airport security has been enhanced all over the world. But it is said to be imperfect because it depends on visual examinations by human eyes. In addition, arson fires in Shinkansen occur one after another recently in Japan. Hence, accurate and high-throughput security check systems for train passengers are required. Our next-generation X-ray sensors enable automatic detections of explosive materials, which were difficult with conventional X-ray sensors.



X-ray medical imaging systems including chest radiography are widely adopted. Recently it is expected that data analysis techniques including deep-learning can improve image diagnosis further more. However, to improve accuracy of diagnosis, it is quite important to improve quality of data to be analyzed. Our next-generation X-ray sensors can provides higher resolution image than conventional sensors do. Furthermore, our sensors can provide energy information of X-ray which cannot be obtained by conventional sensors. We will contribute the people's reliefs in healthcare through improving the quality of data.

Our Team

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Akifumi Koike


Met Aoki when he transferd from Faculty of informatics to Research institute of electronics, Shizuoka university. Being interested in product development meeting increasing medical needs, he joined ANSeeN as a board member at foundation.

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Toru Aoki


Researcher on CdTe fabrication technology. He has deep knowledge on radiation, ranging from crystal structure, device characteristics and X-ray imaging, to manufacuring technogoly including gap-less tiling.

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Taro Kinoshita

External Board Member

Joined Sumitomo Chemical Co, Ltd. in 2009. Experienced various field of industry including R&D on food film, launch of new business on medical materials, planning of LIB materials for automotives, etc. Growth manager of Real Tech Fund Co, Ltd. since 2017. External board member of ANSeeN since 2018.  

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Osamu Hosokubo

Financial advisor

Founder & CEO of Great Asia Capital & Consulting LLC. Former CEO of Japan Asia Investment Co, Ltd. Experienced venture capitalism in Japan and Asia for 28 years. He has been an early adopter of unique investment schemes like buyouts, business investments, business-academia collaborations and so on.

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Michael Harsh

Technical Advisor

Senior advisor on medical equipment industry in McKinsey & Company as well as an individual investor. Joined General Electric in 1979. He had been leading development of X- ray, ultrasonic and magnetic imaging technology for years. Then he supervised $16 billion business as CTO from 2009 to 2015. In parallel, he supported a lot of technology-based startups as executive adviser of GE Ventures.

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Yukiya Hattori

Technical Advisor

Senior advisor of X-ray center, Hitachi Power Solutions. Joined Hitachi Ltd. in 1984. After experiencing technology development of nuclear fusion and accelerator system, he had engaged in technology developement of quantum beam measurement from 2006. As a vice-chief engineer, he had led research and development based on the projects ran by Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Techonology (MEXT).     

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